Accessing the LSHTM servers using pryor

if it doesn't exist already and place the files On a terminal type the command below. It makes life easier if you don't set a password, so just hit enter a few times and accepts all the defaults.This page will show you how to log into the pryor gateway system. This is useful when remote, great for these pandemic times!

If you have already used pryor before and just need a reminder skip straight to step 3. You may or may not already have done this step.

1. Generate an ssh key


This command will create the folder .ssh/id_rsa and inside. These are your private and public keys. The public key need to be put into any computer you would like to connect to.

2. Activate your account with IT

You should first ask IT to activate your account on the pryor system. If you haven't already then you need to fill in this form. For the first question, select "Other" and type in "Private server". You can attach your public key in the email. It is in a hidden folder called .ssh/ so you will need to copy it to somewhere the browser can locate. The following code will copy it into documents.

cp ~/.ssh/ ~/Documents

3. Activate gateway hopping

You should already be able to sign into the pryor gateway machine but we will set it up so that it performs this step automatically and you can ssh directly into the server. Using nano, create and open a file called .ssh/config

nano ~/.ssh/config

Then paste the following text into the file and exit using Ctrl + x. Change the username (ipmbxxxx) to whatever your LSHTM username is.

Host 10.25.*
	ProxyCommand ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -W %h:%p
Host 10.18.*
	ProxyCommand ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -W %h:%p

	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

All done!

Now you should be able to log in from home as you would at LSHTM

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